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The museum is the collection, display and research on behalf of the natural and cultural heritage of mankind, physical spaces, and classify the items of scientific, historic or rich artistic value, providing the public with knowledge, education and appreciation of the institutions. Over the years, Ehoo adhere to focus on the museum auxiliary display creation, keep unique insight and keen eye to resolve the implication of the museum scene, and museum planning group intended precisely the expression of each sculpture exhibits, we firmly believe that the brand strength, and focus on the museum visually convey the field of creation has never wavered.

The main tune of Jingning museum building according to traditional She houses,take into the modern She architectural elements, walls and gray tile, simple and elegant. The museum exhibition shows the Shes history, culture, customs and beliefs, production and living environment, diet, dress and dance. In addition, the museum has possession of four thousand pieces of ceramics, traditional costumes, production tools, jade, wood carvings and other historical relics that Shezu each era handed down. It’s an important window that people understand the She humanities history,culture, it’s the country's most influential She Cultural Exhibition Exchange Center.

The Yongkang Museum is a local museum features hundreds of hands culture points the basic display hall exhibition hall (Yongkang history as the main line, reflect the Yongkang prehistoric culture, Baigong culture, hardware culture, etc.), the temporary exhibition hall, arts and crafts exhibition hall. The collection is very abundant, and rich geographical cultural atmosphere.

Since the Song Dynasty, Hangzhou has always been a Chinese fan industrial and cultural center. Chinese Fan Museum is located in the historical and cultural blocks the west of Gongchen bridge. The museum scene description of the fan in the cultural, military, political status and use of various periods.